High Yielding Investment Programs - HYIPs

Today I’m going to look into the High Yielding Investment Programs, also known as HYIPs

The HYIPs offer you a fixed interest rate (ROI), ranging anywhere from 1% up to 7% (sometimes even more) per Day – not per Year

One of the great things about HYIPs is that you don’t have to do very much to earn this money. You don’t have to sell, you don’t have to promote, you don’t have to sponsor, you don’t have to learn anything…

Basically, all you have to do is put your money into the program, they do all the work and you just collect the money…

If you compare this to the measly interest rate you are offered by your bank, then you’ll see that HYIPs offer you a fabulous deal - almost too good to be true… 

And it isn’t…


High Yielding Investment Programs - SCAMS

Charles Ponzi


HYIPs are nothing but SCAMS! You have just come across one of the many online Ponzi schemes… 

Ponzis  are 100% illegal, and the risk of losing your money is Extremely high


Just stop for a minute and think about it… do some easy math…

Just the low end 1% fixed interest rate per day, multiplied by 365 (days a year) will give you an annual interest rate of 365%.

An interest rate of 7% per day will give you an annual interest rate of 2.555% !!!!?


How can ANY legit company offer you that?


How the HYIP scam works


Allen Stanford - Serving a 110-year prison sentence


How the scam works:

“Operators generally set up a website offering an "investment program" which promises returns as high as 45% per month or 6% a day, disclosing little or no detail about the underlying management, location, or other aspects of how money is to be invested.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has said that "these fraudulent schemes involve the purported issuance, trading, or use of so-called 'prime' bank, 'prime' European bank or 'prime' world bank financial instruments, or other 'high yield investment programs.' (HYIP's)

The fraud artists … seek to mislead investors by suggesting that well regarded and financially sound institutions participate in these bogus programs." In 2010, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) warned that "the con artists behind HYIPs are experts at using social media — including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook — to lure investors and create the illusion of social consensus that these investments are legitimate."


Though Ponzi schemes have existed since at least the early 1900s, the rise of digital payment systems has made it much easier for operators of such websites to accept payments from people worldwide. 

Electronic money systems are generally accepted by HYIP operators because they are more accessible to operators than traditional merchant accounts. Some HYIP operators opened their own digital currency companies that eventually folded; these companies include Standard Reserve, OSGold, INTGold, EvoCash, and V-Money. 

StormPay was started in the same way in 2002, but has remained in business even though the HYIP that it was created to serve was shut down by the State of Tennessee.


Some HYIPs have incorporated in countries with lax fraud laws to secure immunity from investor laws in other countries.

The operators have been known to host their website with a web host that offers "anonymous hosting". They will use this website to accept transactions from participants in the scheme.


Some investors try to make money by attempting to invest in HYIPs at an early enough stage to create a return, and then by cashing out before the scheme collapses to profit at the expense of the later entrants.

This is in itself a gamble as poor timing may result in a total loss of all money invested. To reduce this risk some of these investors use "tracker sites" listing the schemes and their current state.

One expert states that there is not enough evidence to corroborate that tracker sites can actually help investors make more money.”

~ Wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-yield_investment_program


“When a Ponzi scheme is not stopped by the authorities, it sooner or later falls apart for one of the following reasons:

1.    The promoter vanishes, taking all the remaining investment money (which excludes payouts to investors already made).

2.    Since the scheme requires a continual stream of investments to fund higher returns, once investment slows down, the scheme collapses as the promoter starts having problems paying the promised returns (the higher the returns, the greater the risk of the Ponzi scheme collapsing). Such liquidity crises often trigger panics, as more people start asking for their money, similar to a bank run.

3.    External market forces, such as a sharp decline in the economy (for example, the Madoff investment scandal during the market downturn of 2008), cause many investors to withdraw part or all of their funds.”

~ Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme


Clearly, this is an illegal activity, and you don’t want to get involved.

Stay alert and use your common sense. If you want to make money online find a legit company with honest owners. Then be prepared to learn a few skills and get to work. 



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The Gambler

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How much of a gambler are YOU?

As you know there are thousands of so called business opportunities or "money making" opportunities out there on the Internet

So – which one should you choose and which ones should you stay away from?

How do you know what is a real, legit business and what’s not?                            

Maybe that great bizopp is just another money game  -  or maybe it's something you really don't want to miss out on...

If you don't know what to look for and are able to spot possible warning signs, then you are just gambling and hoping for the best. That's not a good way of choosing a business and the risk of losing is high


You don’t want to get involved with anything illegal

You don't want to waste time

You don’t want to waste your hard earned money – and if you’re honest –

you don’t want others to waste theirs either...


I’ll be doing some posts on this topic. Reading these posts will help you stay clear of most scams and bad deals, so be sure to bookmark this site or subscribe to my RSS feed

- You really want this info... 


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